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AITC has in place a management, storage and operation center to meet VHA logistics and distribution needs. Located in the city of Orlando, FL, SIM Learn is a large-scale general-purpose center that brings together all of AITC’s warehousing and logistics efforts providing strategic and tactical support to the government.

IT Company and ServicesFrom the integration of logistics service into warehousing solution, AITC manages a quality operation while effortlessly delivering results. Focusing on a customer-support culture, we continue working to enhance logistics and establishing comprehensive operation center to leverage productivity and progress. We pride ourselves in superb service, efficient and cost-effective methods for security/safety and streamline operations.

At AITC we understand how to work with government agencies. Through implementation of leading-edge information systems and benchmarking processes, we have standardized our logistics operations and systems to meet government business requirements and IT Company and Servicesprovide support of government projects. Our team members have military experience and continuously contribute their knowledge, expertise, and skills to facilitate seamless operation.

We are continuously fine tuning our logistics operations to maximize efficiencies, build customer satisfaction, and better utilize assets and capital. Our operational strategies are based on sound system of safety procedures, equipment, and inventory management, tailored to meet the complex requirements of our client.

To ensure quick and accurate service, our facility has been upgraded for maximum efficiency:

  • Barcode scanners
  • Inventory control and tracking systems
  • Loading dock equipment and forklifts
  • Order picking, receiving, and stock replenishing
  • Communications equipment (phones, intercoms, walkie-talkies, etc.)
  • Pallet rack, shelving, and conveyor systems
  • Safety equipment
  • Security monitoring (managers, video, inventories)

For more information about our services, please contact us at 407-914-2484

IT Company and Services