AITC to Showcase Advanced Technology Solutions at I/ITSEC, the World’s Largest Modeling, Simulation, and Training Conference

AITC LLC, a leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions to defense and federal agencies, is proud to announce its participation in the upcoming I/ITSEC conference, the world’s largest event dedicated to modeling, simulation, and training, taking place in Orlando, FL. Following a strategic partnership with FVLCRUM, a private equity firm focused on growth and impact, AITC (located at booth #2370)  is poised to showcase its expanded capabilities across various sectors, including Cybersecurity, IT Systems Integration, Logistics, Live Training, and Medical Simulation (MedSim).

Cybersecurity: AITC will display its comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, emphasizing proactive threat prevention, advanced technology, and compliance with industry standards. Demonstrating a commitment to secure and resilient digital infrastructures, AITC’s cybersecurity expertise is crucial for national safety.

IT Systems Integration: Attendees will witness AITC’s full spectrum of system lifecycle support, showcasing innovative solutions in program and project management, systems and network engineering, and more. AITC’s IT services are geared towards ensuring efficiency and adaptability in the digital landscape.

Logistics: Highlighting its role in streamlining logistics operations, AITC’s comprehensive approach guarantees precision and timely delivery, ensuring the success of mission-critical operations in an interconnected world.

Live Training: AITC’s robust Live Training program bridges theoretical knowledge with real-world application. The immersive, interactive training experiences are designed for industries ranging from military to healthcare, enhancing skills and decision-making abilities.

MedSim: Revolutionizing healthcare training, AITC’s MedSim capabilities utilize cutting-edge technology to create hyper-realistic training environments. These scenarios prepare medical professionals for real-world challenges, elevating the standards of healthcare education.

David E. Gardner, CEO & President of AITC, and Gabriel Ruiz, LTC, USA (Ret), Managing Principal, express their excitement for AITC’s future growth and opportunities to showcase their innovative solutions at I/ITSEC. “Our presence at I/ITSEC is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. We look forward to demonstrating how our solutions can empower and transform the capabilities of our clients,” says Gardner.

[About AITC] Advanced IT Concepts (AITC) LLC, a global IT and Training Solutions Systems Integrator, focuses on providing end-to-end solutions to federal government and DoD agencies. With operations across multiple countries and states, AITC offers a truly global reach.

[About FVLCRUM Funds] FVLCRUM is a private equity firm investing in diverse-owned companies, aiming to create sustainable opportunities and foster social change, aligning impact with investment returns.

[Call to Action] Join AITC at I/ITSEC to experience our state-of-the-art solutions and discuss how we can support your mission. Visit Booth #2370 for a closer look at our innovative offerings.