Gabe Ruiz, President/Founder of AITC Honored with Veterans Entrepreneurship Initiative’s Vanguard Award


Gabe Ruiz, LTR USA (R), President/Founder of AITC, a leading systems integration firm providing professional services/solutions to defense and federal agencies, is a distinguished veteran entrepreneur and advocate.  He has been named the recipient of the Vanguard Award by the Veterans Entrepreneurship Initiative. This esteemed accolade recognizes Ruiz’s exceptional leadership, innovation, and commitment to empowering veteran-owned businesses and supporting the veteran community.

The Veterans Entrepreneurship Initiative (VEI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering and promoting entrepreneurship among veterans. The VEI provides valuable resources, coaching, mentorship, and networking opportunities, enabling veterans to translate their military experience into successful entrepreneurial ventures and make significant contributions to the business world.

Ruiz’s entrepreneurial journey exemplifies the transformative impact of veteran entrepreneurship. As a veteran of the United States Army and the founder of AITC, Ruiz has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and resilience, both in his military service and his entrepreneurial pursuits. Through his exemplary achievements, he has become a role model for aspiring veteran entrepreneurs.

As the recipient of the Vanguard Award, Gabe Ruiz has been recognized for his outstanding contributions in several key areas, including:

  1. Business Success: Ruiz has led AITC to remarkable heights, achieving substantial growth, profitability, and market recognition. His strategic vision, dedication to excellence, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction have positioned his business as a trusted government contractor.
  2. Veteran Advocacy: Ruiz has been a vocal advocate for veteran entrepreneurs, leveraging his platform and expertise to raise awareness about the unique challenges they face. He has actively mentored and supported fellow veterans, empowering them to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and achieve sustainable success.
  3. Community Engagement: Ruiz’s commitment to community extends beyond his business endeavors. He has actively engaged with local organizations and initiatives, supporting veterans’ causes, promoting economic development, and contributing to the overall well-being of his community.

Upon receiving the Vanguard Award, Gabe Ruiz expressed his deep gratitude to the Veteran Entrepreneurship Initiative for their unwavering support and dedication to empowering veteran entrepreneurs. He highlighted the importance of fostering a thriving ecosystem that allows veterans to leverage their skills, experiences, and entrepreneurial spirit to create lasting impact to the business landscape.

About the Veterans Entrepreneurship Initiative (VEI)


Founded in 2013, the VEI’s mission is to empower and support veteran entrepreneurs through business guidance, education, and mentorship.  VEI is more than ever now dedicated to helping empower veteran entrepreneurs explore, grow and succeed in business on a global scale.   The VEI team strongly believes that by accomplishing the mission of empowering veteran entrepreneurs and creating an environment that fosters entrepreneurship and innovation, they will enable veteran led companies to grow sustainably. This will lead to sustainable job creation, revenue generation and a positive regional, and potentially global, economic output.  To learn more, visit